Hampden Street Antique Market

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About Hampden Street Antique Market

The Hampden Street Antique Market, founded in 1993, is an upscale, diversified shopping galleria that’s full of exciting and memorable items. The Hampden Street Antique Market serves as a prime location for over 125 different shoppes who display their items all under one roof. When you walk through the Hampden Street Antique Market, you get the opportunity to view a wide array of diverse products that are on display in unique booths. If you have questions about the items, you can feel free to speak directly to one of our knowledgeable sales people.

If you appreciate rare and unusual collectibles, you’ll certainly have a great time exploring all of the available options. If you appreciate quirky knick-knacks and decorations for your residence, you’ll have a ball looking at all of the items at Hampden Street Antique Market, too. The market is also an excellent place for individuals who are looking to buy meaningful and rather uncommon gifts for the people in their lives.

Antiques we offer

When you visit the Hampden Street Antique Market, You will find accent and accessory pieces for the home; unusual and perfect gift ideas, ancient antiquities from all around the world, jewelry of all types, furniture from around the world, such as Asian furnishings, art, bronzes, paints, glassware, glass, Lladros (porcelain figurines from Spain), Hummels (also porcelain figurines), military artifacts, W.W.II memorabilia,  fishing lures, fly rods, mirrors, trunks, fine china and knives. Fanciful gift options are plentiful at the Hampden Street Antique Market. If you’re a big fan of vintage attire, you’ll be able to look at many one-of-a-kind retro clothing pieces from the past. The items for sale at the Hampden Street Antique Market are highly diverse and varied in nature. When you  visit to Hampden Street Antique Market, you’ll have a good chance of finding something suited for practically anyone.

A fun place to shop

We offer a fun atmosphere with over 125 shoppes under one roof. We attract every demographic imaginable.
You will have to see it to believe it. That’s why we are south-east Denver’s Best Kept Secret!

About John Helke

John Helke is the owner Hampden Street Antique Market. The store has just begun its 23rd year in business.
If you have questions for John and would like to contact him personally, his email address is johnhelke@msn.com.